BODY REPAIR -  By Karen Lien - Cert. Massage & Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist
Aqua Chi Footbath Spa Detox
Detoxify and Energize in 30 minutes!  $35
Now Save $10 on your next Aqua Chi!
Until February 28, 2014 - Cannot be used with other discounts
 Also offering Multiple-Visit discounts
The science behind the ionic footbath detox was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003.  The Nobel Prize was awarded to Peter Angre and Roderick Mackinnon.
During an Aqua Chi footbath detox, the initial clear tap water will slowly begin to change color as toxins are released into the water. 
Beginning of Treatment       30 Mins. Later
What is happening during this time to create the detoxification of the body and the discoloration of the water?  While this video is not associated with Body Repair by Karen Lien, it shows some wonderful information and is using the "Aqua Chi" brand Module which I use.
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My Detox Diva on FOX News: Ionic Footbath FOX NEWS MORNING SEGMENT features Ami Beach of the Colonic Institute of West Hartford giving the News anchor an Ionic Detox Footbath live on the set. The subject of the ...
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